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Installing Moodle 2.1.5 + ELIS 2

Hi everybody,

After a while I have installed a ELIS community version with ELIS 2. Right now it is all I did, but it is a first step to start playing with it.

Simple steps to do it (without git and patch):

  • Download from here the Moodle 2.1.5+ original from git.
  • Install it in your webserver.
  • Follow the instructions of the installation. The prefix of the tables must be: mdl_
  • Login and Logout as an admin.
  • Copy all the MoodleELIS2 link to your Moodle folder
  • Login as admin and follow the instructions.
  • Your ELIS2 feature is running!

Now, I am going to try connect ELIS2 to Alfresco (3.4d)


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